Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between Kung Fu and Karate (Tae Kwon Do)?

Karate (means China Hand technique) and are martial arts disciplines are off-shoots ofa Kung Fu. Kung Fu is the grandfather of the other martial arts styles. The other martial arts styles only represent a small segment of the breadth of techniques available in Kung Fu. Kung Fu utilizes the entire body's natural strength, so even a smaller individual can defeat a larger opponent and Kung Fu gives you a better overall workout. Kung Fu is circular in nature and like the wind... soft and flexible, but when stirred up like in a tornado, can cause great damage. Kung Fu is a comprehensive and sophisticated system of Chinese martial arts.

What is MMA?

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is the attempt by some schools of martial arts to add more technique variation to their method of training. They add throwing, ground fighting and other techniques to make their training more complete.

Kung Fu does not need to mix with other martial arts. Kung Fu is a complete and comprehensive method of training that comprises seven areas of training and study. This includes 1) blocking, punching and kicking, 2) joint locking, 3) pressure points 4) restraining holds, 5) throwing techniques, 6) ground-fighting, and 7) even gymnastics. Eagle Claw Kung Fu is the only martial arts style that uses what's called the Third Hand and Third Leg. This allows you to use several different techniques together. In other words, a throw or takedown is combined with a strike and lock and/or pressure point. This gives you a very effective self defense system.

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Do I have to be in shape to start?

No! Our beginner program takes this into consideration. Our program gradually gets you back into shape and improves your flexibility as you learn self defense, improve your concentration, coordination and discipline. As your strength and flexibility improve, the more advanced training levels challenge you to improve yourself even more.

Do I have to be with children?

No. All of our classes are separated by level and age. Every age group has its own needs. Children need help with discipline and concentration while adults prefer a healthy workout geared towards improving muscle tone and flexibility as they learn self defense.

Is it safe for me or my child?

Absolutely! All classes are taught by professional black belt instructors that know how to teach a group of people as well as work individually with each student. We use modern training & safety equipment.

How long are programs?

This depends on your individual needs. Most programs that we recommend, so you can get the full benefit of training, are about 12 months. We can do shorter term programs... including just individual group and private lessons.

Do I have to go to tournaments?

No. We do go to tournaments. However, this is not required for advancement or training.

How much are lessons?

We offer a wide range individual private and group lessons. Courses are based on several factors: length of time, number of lessons, course curriculum, etc. That's why we recommend that you visit the academy. We can then get more information about what you are looking for and make some recommendations. Some types of programs we offer are Leadership, Master's Club, Black Belt Club Gold, Black Belt Club, Performance Training, and Introductory. That's why we suggest visiting the school for a tour and consultation.

Are there testing fees?

No. We have no hidden testing fees or association fees.

Who teaches the classes? 

Classes are taught by professional black belt instructors. These instructors are trained and paid by Master Rothrock. Each instructor must go through a year long training program that includes observing classes and study of our 200 page Instructor Training Manual. The second year they are allowed to do section 1 of class and work with individual students. The third year they are then able to teach an entire class that follows Master Rothrock's 100 page rotating curriculum and lesson plans designed to maximize your training results.

When are classes and what times?

Class times vary from academy to academy. We offer times in the mornings and evenings. Please make an appointment to visit the school for a free consultation to determine what days and times would work best for you.

My schedule changes weekly. Is your schedule flexible? Yes.

Do you have Manuals or DVD's?

Yes. We offer manuals for every aspect of training as well as 22 DVD's that cover curriculum, special workshops and even some of our high performance demonstrations.

How long does it take to make a black belt?

It takes on average about 36 months.

How long have you been in business?

We've been in business since 1972.

We are members of:

- The Association of Professional MA
- The Martial Arts Teachers Association
- The Martial Arts Industry Association
- The Ying Jow Pai Association.


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