Hard Hitting Combat Ready Kung Fu Chinese Martial Art Self Defense

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Hard Hitting  – Combat Ready Kung Fu Self Defense

Hard Hitting Combat Ready Kung Fu Martial Art Self Defense

“HAND OVER YOUR WALLET,” SAID THE ATTACKER   A true story. This actually happened to me while filling my bus at the Sunoco gas station on Lysle Blvd. in McKeesport. I was fueling the bus when I felt something pressing in my back and a voice saying “hand over your wallet”. Before he completed the word “wallet” I was turning and elbowing upwards at the same time. My elbow stopped a half inch away from this man’s face because it was someone that I knew. The look of shock on his face said it all. I said “Mike what are you doing? That was dumb!” Thanks to the training from Rothrock’s Kung Fu and the help of the students this action was possible. Without training for over six months, I was still able to react in a controlled manner without panic or hesitation. Hard work and training does pay off. Thanks again, Mr. Parrish

The 3 Methods of Martial Arts – Don’t be fooled by the first two…

There are 3 methods for all of martial arts: The Sport method teaches you techniques to use in a contest with rules and a ring. There are restrictions on techniques and judges to make sure the rules are followed. You don’t have judges and rules on the street. Also the techniques are limited to that sport, so you do not have all the tools necessary to defend yourself on the street.

The stylistic Martial Art styles teach you different punches, blocks, and kicks, but again these are not street tactics. In addition, they do sport sparring practice with partners and the techniques used have no relationship to the techniques they show you in class. Worse yet, none of these techniques are applicable to defending yourself on the street, but unfortunately many people think they are.

Neither of these styles will teach you self-defense.

Chinese Kung Fu Self Defense – A True Combat/Defense System

The third type is combative martial arts or Kung Fu, the system that we teach here at the academy. The name of the system is called Ying Jow Pai, which means Eagle Claw and is part of our regular Kung fu program. This is one of the oldest and most comprehensive systems of defense in the world.

This method of self-defense developed from actual combat. A famous general in China, Nok Fei, learned Eagle Claw from a Shaolin monk named Jow Tong. At the time, he needed a quick and effective way to teach his soldiers hand-to-hand combat for the battlefield. Don’t forget, back then there weren’t any guns. His soldiers became unbeatable throughout China.

These techniques were passed down from generation to generation. Eagle Claw has specialized locking, pressure point, throws, ground fighting and the secret third-leg techniques that allow you to quickly unbalance an attacker. As you know, once an attacker loses their balance, they can no longer be a threat.

These specialized self-defense techniques were passed down to Grandmaster Shum from his teacher Ng Wai Nung and then to Master Rothrock.

Get the Edge in Self Defense with the 8 Secrets

Along with the techniques I just described, you’ll learn the 8 principles of self-defense that include awareness, critical distance, evasion, foundation, blocking, control, counter, and guard. Without these 8 principles, the techniques will be less effective. In addition, once you learn these 8 principles, the self-defense strategies become multi-dimensional. In other words, you can instantly change, with unshakable confidence, the techniques to fit any self-defense situation that may arise. 

We have taught these same techniques to law enforcement, the FBI and to US Marshalls. We know they work…from the battlefield to modern day street defensive tactics.

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